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Penerapan Vessel Traffic Service (Vts) Pada Sistem Pengaturan Lalu Lintas Pelayaran Indonesia
09 April 2009


Alsen Medikano
Laboratorium Teknik Industri, Jurusan Teknik Industri, Universitas Gunadarma
Jl. Akses UI Kelapa Dua Depok
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Based on United Nation Convention of The Law of The Sea (UNCLOS) 1982, Indonesia has been confessed as archipelagic country in the year 1994, this means that Indonesia must execute responsibility and obligation to monitor traffic maritim in the water territory region. VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) the same as to ATC (Air Traffic Control) at arrangement system of plane traffic. The Difference VTS has system which more complex from having to in backing with expensive peripherals. After executing of Malacca Straits Joint Working Group (MSJWG) for cooperation principle between three states (Trilateral Coastal Status) Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to increase safety and sea transport security and safety for commercial ships getting through Malaka strait and Singapore strait from criminal threat on the sea. Hence Indonesia intends to realize kosep VTS at three Indonesia Archipelago Sea Path (ALKI) like Sunda strait-Karimata strait always to south Chinese sea, lombok strait-Makasar strait always to Pacific ocean, and Banda sea-Maluku sea. ISPS CODE, AIS (Transponder, Radar, CCTV) be as most important supporting facilities apart from GMDSS, because as according to order and legal fundament that is clear at scheme and establishment of system VTS, ISPS Code, AIS and GMDSS must beforehand realized to increase safety of sea transport traffic in Indonesia. Regulation VTS clear, that is VTS ADVANCED (A), VTS STANDARD (B), VTS BASIC (C), technically equipments divided to three part, that is in VTS head quarter, VTS center and VTS sub-center. With governmental support from in this case Ministry of Transportation, Directorate General of Sea Communication according to communication ministrial decree hence expected by system VTS has can be realized in the year 2009 following with GMDSS and other system as according to regulation SOLAS, ITU, IMO and IALA. So is expected no more of criminal threat on the sea and can be done help soon if ships in distress situation.

Key note : VTS, AIS, ISPS Code, Regulation