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Pengembangan Sistem Penimbangan Balita Berbasis PC Di Puskesmas
09 April 2009

Jurusan Teknik Komputer Universitas Komputer Indonesia

This report describes a research of development a PC-based Balitas’s Weight Measurement System in Puskesmas. By measuring weight of balita (infant until 5 years old), its nutrient status can be monitored.
Both hardware and software development have been conducted. The hardware consists of a weight transducer using a linear potentiometer, signal conditoning module, interface module and a PC (personal computer). The potentiometer is used to determine balita’s weight by means of a voltage divider principle, while the interface module that used is a serial communication from a RS-232 which is required to connect the pair scales to the PC. The received signals are then further processed by the processor, with the help of specially designed software. The result of weighting then used to analyse nutrient status of balita. Then the balita’s weight can be printed on the KMS card (Kartu Menuju Sehat).
The instrument test results show that the system is capable to measuring and evaluation of balita’s nutrient status.
After fulfilling all the necessary clinical requirements, it is hoped that this system could contribute to the enhancement of balitas’s nutrient status monitoring in puskesmas (community health center).

Keywords : balita, weighting, nutritious monitoring, PC