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System Exhibition Online Design Using Methods UCD (User Centered Design)
25 November 2008

Armadyah Amborowati
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Abstract User object that is important in the development and system builders. Users here are personal, organizational, and community. Users currently have to be at the level of design sophistication from all the graphical interface with the content of the web. At the time the user interacts with the users system must be in accordance with the feel of the experience never felt at the time to interact with other systems. Users must be satisfied with the information provided by the system and feel comfortable when interacting with the system. UCD (User Centered Design) is a design philosophy that places the user as the center of the development system. UCD approach has been supported by various techniques, methods, tools, procedur, and processes that help design interactive system that is more centered on the user. UCD target is more than just make products that are useful.

Keywords: UCD (User Centered Design), User Interface, Web Building System