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Comparison of Use Subset Query and Query with Many Join on the Relational Data Base
25 November 2008

(SIIT proceeding, 2005, 28-29 July 2005, the National Seminar on Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems and Information Technology, ISBN: 979-99765-0-2)

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There are several query models for accessing data from two or more tables in a relational database. Two models that have been observed are cross product and subset query, since those models can be used to produce same query result. To get an optimal system performance, it is needed to find the best model in specific conditions. By using Borland Delphi version 6 software program and Interbase version 6 as database system, the researcher was trying to prove the optimization query theory with heuristic model. The theory says that one method to optimize a query is by changing the cross product model into subset query.

Keyword : Comparison, Subset Query, Query, Many Join, Relational Data Base