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23 Juni 2009

Nila Feby Puspitasari
Stmik Amikom Yogyakarta
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Computer network is corps or some connected computers so that can communicate, including also printer and other equipments which each other incircuit, Data or information transferred passing the cable and wireless so that the people use the computer can each other changing over the data and document, print at printer the sameness and together use hardware/software which incircuit with network .A Router can deliver data/information from one network to different other network, router much the same to with bridge, even bright not more compared to the bridge, but development of peripheral router these days have started to reach abysmal even technological demand boundary which expected.
Mikrotik is one of vendor good hardware and software providing the facility to make router. One of them is Mikrotik Router OS, this is Operating system the specialness used to make a router by installation to computer. Facility or tools provided in Mikrotik Router Os very complete to develop;build a router the reliableness and stabilize.

Keyword : Hardware,/Software, Router, Mikrotik